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Denture Implants

Experiencing trouble with the lower denture?

Presenting a revolutionary Denture Stabilization System.

Without a doubt the lower denture presents most trouble for patients getting used to dentures for the first time in their life or even for patients who're regular denture wearers. It can be annoying as one tries to eat certain foodstuffs, or even to talk with confidence, without any fear that the lower denture will come off and start floating in the oral cavity.

We have acquired a revolutionary system for stabilization of the lower denture called Denture Stabilization System. In essence it is a mini-dental implant system that in majority of the cases can be aligned and connected to the lower denture in the same appointment. This system does not require any stitches or incision. Within 60 minutes the patient can be on his/her way with a stable lower denture, and free to speak and eat without any fear of floating.

What exactly are MDI Implants?

The MDI system is made up of a mini-titanium implant that functions like the root of the patient's tooth and a retaining frame that is integrated into the base of the lower denture. The head of the titanium implant is ball shaped, and the retaining frame functions like a socket that consists of an O-ring made of rubber. The O ring fits over the ball when the lower denture is placed and maintains the denture at a preset level of force. When placed, the lower denture lightly rests on the gingival tissue.

What is the process to place MDI Implants?

Placement of the implants is finished easily and quickly in a procedure done in our clinic. The process normally takes bout couple of hours. Using an accurately controlled, low invasion surgical method, MDI Implants are seated into the jawbone.

The heads of the MDI implants stick out from the gingival tissue and offer a solid base for fastening both upper and lower dentures. This procedure is completed in only one step and like other techniques does not require any sutures or long recovery periods.

I want more information about the system and want to know if it's suitable for me

At Paul Dental Centre, a free consult is given to all patients to check if they are ideal candidates for the Denture Stabilization System.
To fix an appointment, please feel free to call on 9811389893 or e-mail us at drmayurapaul@live.in. If we find that a patient is a candidate for the Denture Stabilization System then we fix an appointment according to the convenience of the patient and in some cases, the appointment can be fixed on the same day itself.