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First Visit

Welcome! Your first visit is probably one of the most important visits you will have. You will get to know us better, and we 'll find out more about you and your concerns.

We allow a generous amount of time for this visit, about an hour and a half for adults, an hour for children. we are proud to take this valuable time to understand you and to make every effort to gather the appropriate information to provide you with options and choices. It is vitally important to us to discover your concerns, questions and desires.

For accuracy, convenience and your peace of mind, we review your personal information orally. With this more personal approach you can be assured that we honestly understand your personal concerns and history.

At this first visit we thoroughly review your dental and medical history, take appropriate x-rays, screen for oral cancer, comprehensively examine your mouth, teeth, gums and bite. Included also are a microscopic examination of plaque, molds of your teeth (usually only adults), and photographs of your teeth and bite.

In general, we clean adults teeth at a subsequent visit to provide you with a higher level of personalized service and care. For children we often can "clean" their teeth at an initial visit (in a very different way - see more about Self-Care).

Following the initial visit, we review all the information gathered to prepare a diagnostic letter. We hope the diagnostic letter will be a starting point to help you better understand conditions and consequences, so that together we can create a treatment plan that best fits you and your priorities.

At the co-diagnosis appointment we'll review the findings together. On this visit you can usually have your teeth cleaned as well* (or whatever treatment is next most appropriate).

In some instances, periodontal disease or other factors that are present may dictate that more than a "usual cleaning" is required. This is something that can usually be determined at your initial visit.

We know that by being very thorough from the outset, we can proceed at whatever pace you desire once all is made clear, for both you and us: listening to your concerns and priorities, helping you to understand the conditions present, clarifying the options and consequences available to you, reviewing our recommendations and reasons, recognizing time requirements, and managing financial and insurance considerations.

For people that find time is hard to come by in their daily lives, this thorough and comprehensive approach is the most efficient way of eliminating redundancy and disorganization - saving time. It is also the most cost effective, because the "big" picture" is accounted for, while issues are addressed with far greater understanding of long-term consequences. This global perspective allows you to be far more preventive and proactive, which is always easier, more comfortable, conservative, convenient and financially sensible.

First Visit (adults)

  • Find out what you want
  • Review health history (medical / dental)
  • Appropriate x-rays
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Comprehensive examination (teeth, gums, bite)
  • Microscopic examination of plaque
  • Molds of teeth (adults only first visit)
  • Photographs of teeth and bite

Follow-up Visit

  • diagnostic letter*
  • review of findings / co-diagnosis*
  • cleaning (if needed/appropriate)

*no additional fee - included with first visit any other treatment at follow-up visit charged at usual fee

We hope this sounds great to you, like the kind of care you've been looking for.