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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth or third molars, are the last teeth to erupt in the oral cavity. There are four wisdom teeth, one in each quadrant.

At times, wisdom teeth may not erupt properly and remain partially or completely impacted in the jawbone. This may lead to crowding or displacement of other teeth,  localized tooth decay or gum infection. The impacted wisdom molars in the jawbone may be in unusual positions, sometimes horizontally or at times vertically, which prevents their eruption in the oral cavity.

Angular, bony impaction of third molar

Soft tissue impaction of third molar

In most cases, it is recommended to extract the impacted wisdom teeth.

Typical Procedure

An Incision is made and overlying bone is removed which exposes the crown of impacted tooth.

Tooth is either extracted in one piece or is surgically sectioned and then removed in pieces. The site is then sutured to facilitate healing.

To relieve any discomfort and promote healing:

  • Ice packs can be used on the cheek to reduce post operative swelling.
  • Bleeding is stopped by biting on the gauze.
  • Eat soft foods and drink extra fluids.
  • Brush gently and carefully the day after surgery.
  • Take medications as prescribed and follow the instructions as advised.

Note: In case of excessive bleeding or swelling, severe pain or fever, call us immediately.