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Infection Control

Various viruses and bacteria colonize or infect the oral cavity and respiratory tract. These organisms can be transmitted in dental settings most often through direct contact with blood, oral fluids or other patient materials and indirect contact with contaminated objects (e.g., instruments, equipment, or environmental surfaces)

Infection Control in the dental practice focuses on the use of sterilization procedures that will be able to eliminate cross-infection from a dental professional to a patient, from a patient to the dental professional and between two patients.

At Paul Dental Centre we follow an international protocol for infection control for the safety of our patients and team members. The use of barriers such as gloves, masks, instrument trays, tray covers, covers of the working surfaces and light handles.

There are a range of instruments used in the dental practice which are disposable and hence control cross-infection inherently. Those which are meant for repeated use are cleaned through a series of steps such as chemical cleaning, biosonic cleaning, heat sterilization, using various equipment and applicable cycles followed by proper handling after sterilization.

Our patients are welcome to take a look at the sterilization area and ask any pertinent questions that they may have to safeguard their health interests.

We care for you and we are not willing to take chances with your dental health, believe us!

Our Staff Is All Equipped To Provide You a Safe & Sound Treatment

We at Paul Dental Centre duly comprehend the importance of dental health and this is the reason that you would notice unsurpassed hygiene and infection control procedures at our clinic. We make use of only hygienic protection grab components like masks and gloves. We can challenge that you would never notice our team using same pair of gloves or masks for two patients.

The main rationale behind us being so confident is that we are here to gain your valued trust and present good oral health.

Four Tier Infection Control Process Followed At Dr. Modi Dental And Prosthodontic Clinic

We all at Paul Dental Centre follow the well known four tier infection control approach.

  • Tier 1:- The instruments present and used in our clinic are scrubbed conscientiously with spirit swabs to get rid of any attached debris.
  • Tier 2:- In this tier 2, the instruments present at Dr. Modi Dental and Prosthodontic Clinic are immersed in 5% Korsolex Sterlizing Solution for about forty five minutes for standard disinfection. The main areas where this Korsolex solution is applied include all those made of glass, porcelain, plastic, stainless steel, ceramics and rubber. The RCT (root canal therapy) instruments and diamond cutting bars are also disinfected with Korsolex solution.
  • Tier 3:- In tier 3, these cold sterile instruments are packed in sterile packs that contain suction devices, cotton balls and gauze.
  • Tier 4:- In this last tier, the various dental instruments in the sterilized packages are stored in the U.V chamber that maintains the sterilization. This chamber is then opened in front of the patients to take out the instruments.

We are prepared to treat with all dental infections, so you can rely on us!

Sterlization , Cleanliness and Disposable Materials:


Surgery Upkeep: We have 2 dental chairs in each of our surgeries. At the beginning of the day the floors are thoroughly scrubbed with scented Phenol which leaves the place clean and smelling fresh.

The chairs and all moving/rotating parts are sprayed with antiseptic solution and wiped clean with a soft cloth. After every patient the same procedure is followed for the chairs to prevent cross infection.

Instrument Sterilization: All instruments are thoroughly washed in antiseptic solutions and wiped clean. They are the packaged into sterile pouches and vacuum sealed to prevent contamination. The instruments are then placed into a digital autoclave and autoclaved at 121 degrees. At this temperature all known disease causing bacteria are known to be killed. This is the standard autoclaving procedure followed in Operation Theatres worldwide.

Disposable materials: We use a fresh, new pair of gloves for every patient that is disposed off immediately after the treatment is completed. All gloves are torn as well so there is no question of whether any of them were ever used before. This is all done in front of every patient . In addition we use disposable masks, suction tips and plastic glasses. All local anesthetic is given from sealed syringes that are opened in front of you and disposed off immediately after treatment. Dentists and patients mandatorily wear "Blue Blockers" ( glasses ) during tooth whitening procedures to prevent any harm to the eyes. We also use bottled water for rinsing your mouth during procedures.