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Smokeless Tobacco

Smokeless tobacco does not get burned and is known as chewing tobacco or the oral tobacco. It is basically consumed by chewing the tobacco until the tobacco juices are formed, and then the juices are split out. Smokeless tobacco has the history of usage worldwide. North America, India, northern Europe, other Asian countries, and some parts of Africa are leading in consuming smokeless tobacco.

There are mainly two types of smokeless tobacco:
Chewing Tobacco: This is available as loose leaves, bricks or twists of rope. A pinch of tobacco is place between the cheek and lower lip. It is either chewed or kept till the juices are formed. This saliva can either be spit out or swallowed.

Snuff: This is a powdered tobacco which is available in various scents and flavors’. It can be both dry and moist. It is available loose, in strips or in small tea bags type pouches.  It is used by placing it behind the lower lips or between the cheek and gums and causes the teeth to get stained and lose color.

Harmful Facts

    There is no tobacco which can be claimed as harmless. At least 28 chemicals are present in the smokeless tobacco, which can cause cancer.

  • Tobacco-specific nitrosamines are the major harmful chemical present in the smokeless tobacco. This chemical is formed during growing, curing, fermentation and aging of tobacco. Nitrosamines is direct cause of cancer.
  • There are other cancer-causing elements can be found in smokeless tobacco. This includes polonium and poly-nuclear aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • It is a certainty that continues and excessive consumption of tobacco can cause cancer.
  • Other than cancer, it can cause heart disease, gum disease, and other oral disease such as leukoplakia.
  • A person can become extremely addicted to smokeless tobacco because it contains nicotine, which has addictive tendencies.
  • Consumption of tobacco can lead the nicotine directly into bloodstream; from there it goes to brain.
  • Even if the tobacco is removed from the mouth, nicotine still continues to be absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • In the cases of smokeless tobacco, this nicotine stays for a longer time than smokers.
  • Whether you smoke or use smokeless tobacco, both are dangerous for your health. Always try to avoid consuming this as much as possible.

How to quit

    We at DRPDC, suggests some steps which, if followed seriously, can quit your smokeless tobacco addiction:

  • Take at least a week to be mentally prepared but then select a 'quit day'. This quit day should be within the next two weeks.
  • Slowly cut back the amount tobacco you consumed, from the preset day till the quit day. This will help you over the habit, as the day by day less nicotine is entering your system.
  • Throw away all the smokeless tobacco products from your home, vehicle and office.
  • Busy yourself in activities so to divert your mind from the addiction.
  • Carry chewing gums, and other mint gums.
  • Never back out or get discouraged.