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Tooth Color Fillings

We at drpdc believe that all dentistry is cosmetic

Tooth decay is one of the most common dental disease and a challenge for the practitioner. We at drpdc restore the tooth in terms of function and the aesthetics at the same time.

White fillings are also referred to as composites, because they are composed of a complex composite of plastic and zirconia/silica.

Composites were introduced long back in the 1960's and since then they have caused a revolution in terms of durability, color stability, material handling qualities and esthetics when compared with conventional silver amalgam fillings.
Tooth colored fillings are bonded to the tooth compared to silver fillings, which are not.

Appearance of Tooth Colored Fillings

Composites comes in  varying shades to match the tooth shade of an individual  for achieving proper aesthetics. A different type of material is used for anterior and posterior teeth. The materials used for front teeth are designed to achieve better aesthetics where as the materials for back teeth are intended  for strength required to chew the food. It's pleasant to have a filling that is  virtually undetectable and look alike of a natural tooth .




Longevity of Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth colored fillings have a great strength and more long lasting than silver fillings. A small filling could possibly last your lifetime and larger fillings are likely to last many years.
Few  factors that determine the lifespan of a particular filling include:

  • The involved tooth (molars take more force than premolars)
  • The size of the filling in comparison to the tooth (smaller fillings will usually be more long-
    lasting than larger fillings)
  • Maintenance of oral hygiene .