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Significance of Natural Tooth

Natural teeth are invaluable and unique!

Whenever dental treatment of any form is taken, first priority is given to saving one's natural teeth. Modern dentistry offers solutions like advanced bridges and dental implants for the replacement of teeth but again nothing compares to the natural teeth.

Following tips mentioned below can help you save your natural teeth.

A. The option of Root canal treatment which is also known as endodontic process should be explored before extracting your teeth. In this procedure, the soft living tissue at the centre of your teeth, known as pulp, is removed and the gap left is filled with proper filing material and sealed off. This prevents complete extraction of the tooth which ensures that the naturalness of the tooth is not lost and the chewing experience is not compromised.

B. In the unfortunate event if your tooth is damaged beyond saving and extraction is the only option then and only then should you consider alternatives like bridges or dental implants. Factors like health of adjacent teeth and structure of the bone should be considered before opting for bridges or dental implants.

Always endeavor for keeping your natural teeth unless there is no other option than extracting them.
Natural Teeth are matchless!